Duckpin Bowling at MIX

Round up your besties and let's roll into a fun-filled evening!šŸŽ³ Join us for a fantastic night of strikes and laughter with our duckpin bowling. Let the strikes begin! šŸ’ā€ā™€ļø

We have the best bowling around for all ages and skill levels - whether you want to grab a few frames with some friends, unwind after work, or plan an all-out celebration for groups of any size. You don't just go bowling here at MIX. You celebrate every frame - take in the lights, the music, the food and the drinks. We deliver an exceptional experience combining friends, family, and friendly competition.

Every lane has its own seating area where you can relax, eat, drink or just sit back and enjoy the action. You can enjoy your favorite drinks and craft brews from our full bar, order from the delicious menu, or just enjoy some appetizers. Here, it's all about having fun with everyone.